Don Malfon  (Alfonso Muñoz)

Improvising saxophonist born in Barcelona 1978.



  He began playing the electric bass when he was sixteen years old, changing to the saxophone at eighteen while studying at a local school in Barcelona.


  In 2000 he moved to Havana, Cuba, where he studied particularly for five years under the tutelage of the following teachers: Orlando Sanchez (Cuba Jazz), Javier Zalva and Elvira Fuentes. Specializing in baritone and alto sax.


 From 2006 he settled again in Barcelona and joined groups such as planeta imaginario (Progressive Jazz Rock), Filthy Habits Ensemble  (set dedicated to the instrumental music of Frank Zappa and Stravinski),  Reptilian Mambo (mambo avant-garde), B.I.B (Orchestra of improvisers of Barcelona),  IED8 (Free Jazz and free improvisation), October Equus  (Rock, Contemporary) Outerzone (jazz progressive core) among others.


  In 2013 he moved to Mexico City where he collaborated and joined groups such as Zero Point , SIC, Remi Álzarez 4, Chocolate Smoke Gang , Mexican American Jungle Orchestra Of Marco Eneidi, Spontaneous Generation, Carlos Marks, Teoqualo and other free jazz, improvisation and other outfits.

 His current experience comes from interpreting in diverse groups, alongside Agustí Fernández, Liba Villavecchia, Barry Guy, Tom Chant, John Edwards, Agustí Martinez, Pablo Rega, Nuno Rebelo , Remi Älvarez , Marco Eneidi among others.


 He has been published in more than thirty albums, released on Cuneiform Records, Altrock Records, Discordian Records and Audition Records and other labels.


  With some of these groups he has appeared in different festivals of jazz, rock, and free improvisation in Europe, South America and Latin America:


-LEM Festival 2012 (Barcelona)

-Festival de Jazz de Sigüenza (Guadalajara)

-Festival de Jazz de Madrid

-Festival de Jazz de Terrassa

- Festival de Jazz de Vic

-Jazz Atac (Tárrega)

-Zappanale Festival (Alemania)

- Festival Internacional de Improvisación Hurta Cordel 2011 (Barcelona)

- Freak Sow Festival (Alemania)

-Festival Zappamundo (Lisboa)

-Altrock Festival (Milano)

-LEM Festival 2014 (Barcelona)

- 46 Voll-Dam Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona

-Registro de Audición en el Ex Teresa (México) 2014

-Cha’ak’ab Paaxil Festival de improvisación libre 2014 ( Merida,MX)

-Cha’ak’ab Paaxil Multiple Tab Festival de improvisación y Música extrema 2015 (Queretaro MX)

-El Nicho Experimental 2015 (CDMX)

-Festival de Jazz de México 2015 (CDMX)

-Festival de Jazz de México 2016 (CDMX)

-Festival de Jazz de Oaxaca 2017 (México)

-Festival de Jazz Imaxinasons 2018 (Vigo, España)

-A L’arme! Festival 2018 (Berlín)

-MMI Impro Musik Festival 2018 (München)

-ARTACTS  St. Johann (Austria) 2019

-GREG Festival 2019 Barcelona